Thanks for stopping by my simple home on the web. This blog is hosted by Micro.blog.

I’ve used other social media websites for a long time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… the whole bunch. But Facebook (in particular) is growing into one big mess, and Instagram is mostly people trying to be “influencers.”

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, things I want to share, and everything running through my brain. It’s my home on the web.

What’s here?

I’ll be sharing random thoughts, adventures, and other tidbits here. Some short, some long. I’ll try to categorize as I go so it’s easy to find what might be interesting to you.

For example, you’ll find plenty of aviation content (I’m a flight instructor and flying club member), as well as thoughts on marketing (I work in marketing for a major aerospace company).

But mostly this is a place to call home on the web. Independent, civil, and easy-going.

If you want to follow me anywhere else, the best place is probably Twitter. I’m active under the handle @thecaseyhansen there.

Enjoy, and subscribe if you’d like. There is also an RSS feed linked in the footer if you’re into that type of thing.